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Classenti CDP1 Cherry 




Color: Cherry

5 Year Warranty



(Includes wooden stand)

Classenti CDP1 in Cherry

Price: $1,195

You Get:

  5 Year Warranty

  60 Days Returns Guarantee

Classenti CDP1 Features

88 Full Size, Fully Weighted Piano Keys
Represents the full 7¼ octave range of an upright or grand
piano. The keys are exactly the same size as a real piano.

Touch Sensitive Keys
The harder you strike the key, the louder it sounds. Gives
added expression to your music.

Graded Hammer Action Keyboard
With heavier key weighting in the bass, getting gradually
lighter as you go up the keyboard. This mimics the exact
feel of an upright or grand piano.

8 Instrumental Voices
Piano 1, Piano 2, Electric Piano 1, Electric Piano 2,
Harpsichord, Organ, Strings and Vibraphone.

Built-in Speakers
2 x 15 watts - that’s 30 watts of stereo amplification!

Record Feature
This feature allows you to record your own music. All you
need to do is press the ‘record’ button and start playing.
When you’ve finished playing, press the ‘play’ button and
it will play back your song.

Built-in Metronome
No need to buy one, it's built-in. Essential for learning how
to play in time.

Power Adaptor
AC mains adaptor with plug included.

3 Pedals: Sustain, Soft and Sostenuto Sustain pedal. This is
the pedal on the right. On upright pianos it is sometimes
referred to as a ‘damper pedal’.This pedal allows you to
sustain any note, or notes, without having to hold the
key down.

Soft pedal. This is the pedal on the left. Pressing this down
makes the sound a lot quieter. It’s very useful when you’re
required to play something very delicate.

Sostenuto pedal. This pedal is in the middle. Used mainly by
experienced pianists. The sostenuto pedal sustains only notes
that are depressed at the time the pedal is depressed. More
proficient players use it when a note, or notes need to be
sustained without being disturbed when the right pedal
comes into play.

Key Weight Control
Prefer a heavier or lighter touch? No problem, just use the key
weight control button to select from three settings: Standard,
heavy and light. The piano’s default setting is standard. The
keys remain touch sensitive on all settings.

Elegant, stylish, curved edge design. Places well in any home.
Half backboard.

Fixed Wooden Stand
The wooden stand is included in the price. With just 4 screws
to secure the stand to the keyboard section, the CDP1
can be put together or taken apart with ease.

Folding Music Desk
Fold away your music desk when your piano is not in use.
This will protect it from getting damaged.

Sound Source
Designed in Japan. Digitally sampled from some of the world's finest concert grand pianos.

2 x Headphone jacks to connect headphones. Two players
can play with headphones at the same time.

64 Note Polyphony
This allows you to play up to 64 notes simultaneously (I know
you only have 10 fingers, but this includes notes held down
by the pedal).

Connect to your computer and other MIDI compatible hardware.

The Aux-in (or auxiliary-in) allows you to connect external
music sources (with RCA outputs) such as your PDA or
MP3 player.

If you want to give a live performance on stage, connect
your Classenti piano to your hi-fi system through the
AUX-out (or auxiliary-out).

Change your piano’s pitch to play along with other
instruments such as trumpet, clarinet, etc. Or make
some musical pieces more comfortable for singers.

This produces a slight echo on each note to mimic
the sound a grand piano makes in a concert hall.

Dual Voice With Layer Balance
Choose any two sounds and merge them together.
A very nice combination is piano combined with strings.

Master Volume Switch
Turn the sound right down for late night playing, or
up to its maximum for loud performances.

Power Switch
You can turn your piano on or off without having to
reach for the mains socket.

More Features:

 8 demo songs
 32 practice songs
 1 track sequencer. Approximately 5,000 notes
 Headphone jack to connect your headphones
 Smart, black user panel

What Else Is In The Box?

 User Manual
 AC input
 Pedal lead
 Available Colors: Dark Rosewood, Black Satin, Cherry, Maple, Mahogany, Polished Ebony 

Piano Dimensions:
Length 52.4 inches (133cm)
Height 31.5 inches (80cm)
Depth 14.2 inches (36cm)
Music Rest Height: 7.25 inches (18.3cm)
Music Rest Length: 23.5 inches (59cm)
Floor to keyboard underside (leg room): 26 inches (66cm)

Weight: 99 pounds (45kg)

Weight Including Packaging: 101 pounds (46kg)

Straightforward to put together. Approximate assembly time
20 minutes. Easy-to-use assembly instructions are included.
All holes are pre-drilled. In the assembly pack you get 4
screws to connect the side panels and pedal board and 4
screws to secure the keyboard to the base. The piano
can be assembled on your own, but we recommend asking
for help to lift the keyboard section onto the base.

Storing The Piano Away
The Classenti CDP1 digital piano can easily be taken apart
and stored away. Just undo the 4 top screws and the
keyboard section comes away from the base.


Differences Between CDP1 And CDP2


~ PCM sound source
~ No sliding key cover
~ Half backboard
~ Standard length music desk (straight edged)
~ All buttons are on the display panel
~ 14.2 inches (36cm) depth - takes up less room
~ Weight 99 pounds (45kg)

~ High resolution PCM sound source
~ Sliding Key Cover
~ Almost full backboard, for greater stability
~ Extra long (curved corner) music desk
~ Simplified user panel with only 3 buttons
~ 16.5 inches (42 cm) depth
~ Weight 110 pounds (50kg)

Advantages Of The CDP2 Over The CDP1

The main advantage is the sound. The CDP2’s high resolution
PCM sound source produces an even more realistic sound than
the CDP1’s standard PCM sound source.

The CDP2 has a sliding key cover. This will protect your piano
keys from getting chipped or ruined by liquid spills. It also
stops dust from getting in-between and under the keys.

The almost full backboard on the CDP2 provides a stronger
and more stable piano. The main panels are less likely to
be damaged if you intend moving your piano around a lot.

If you use a lot of individual sheet music, rather than
books, the extra length music desk on the CDP2 comes
in really handy.

The CDP2’s simplified user panel was designed to reduce
the chances of being distracted while playing. Only 3
buttons are viewable on the user panel.

Why is the action on the Classenti digital piano
so realistic?

After years of research and development, Classenti has
patented a new piano action mechanism called “Real
Hammer Action Mechanic With Adjustable Action Point”.

In plain English, this really means: The moving parts
that are connected to the piano key have been designed
to feel exactly like a real piano.

Value for money
The soundboard is produced in France, the sound chip is
manufactured in Japan, and the most important parts of
the mechanism are made in Germany.

All colors:

Dark Rosewood
Black Satin




Polished Ebony

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Quality Promise

 5 Year Warranty 

60 Day Trial Period